The feeling is gone, this means nothing to me – oh Vienna!

There are so many good Magic tournaments running around. Viennageddon is also a special one for me because I won it last time ( report here ) and because it's a great place to meet many players that don't go to many other tournaments (yet).  As usual I had to travel alone, people from Gothenburg really don't like to travel to international old school tournaments. I'm getting used to this and with a fully loaded phone with music and podcasts and my trusty ANC headphones travel usually goes smoothly. The airport beer helps a bit as well. I arrived at Schwechat in time and waited maybe 15 minutes for the Norwegian crew to arrive. We were staying at the same hotel so we managed to get a cab that could support us five to take us to the hotel. We chose a hotel "close" to the site and not in central Vienna. I ended up, yet again, not really seeing anything of Vienna. But I'm not really into that tourist stuff anyway. I'm all about the gathering, food, beer, a

Oldschool Patches

This is a different kind of entry. It won't really feature anything about Magic just about a different collection. This is something to do while preparing for Viennageddon upcoming weekend. I had planned to visit both Raging Bull Series and Hanseatic Cup, but I think I can't manage to do more tournaments before the summer. When I was a kid, I was into metal music and admired the guys I saw in magazines wearing battle jackets with patches. On Åland I don't remember anyone wearing patches and I was already too much of an outsider, so I didn't dare get me one of those jackets with patches. As with many things old school this is filling a certain void from my youth. Our back patch may seem a bit weird to say the least. But when we started it was hard finding and agreeing on a good card. Me Micke Thai and Per was up late one night in a hotel room discussing the different alien races in X-Files and that's why we started our X-Files chat on Messenger. A lot of people that