About me

Started playing Magic back in 1994-1995, revised was still available in the stores but was suddenly switched out for 4th edition. Played until around 2000 and then took a break until 2010. In 2010 the old crew gathered for Grand Prix Gothenburg (which I had lived in since 2005). In the autumn of 2011 I got hooked on both standard and legacy. After n00bcon 2012 I got some reports on old school and bought my first p9 and never looked back. During this time I also got the nickname Åland from The Åland Islands, which is the small island between Finland and Sweden I spent my first 24 years.

In the words of Christian "Reindeer" Reinhard describing me: "Mighty Åland – Emperor of Vienna, Slayer of the Trollmaster, Owner of the Shark, Fellow friend and foe of the Legion."

Articles written by me:

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