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Arvika Festival VIII

November-February is some of the slowest months in old school. Events are few and it's basically three months without any live tournaments. The start of the old school year has been the Arvika Festival for many years and the crew have been putting up some solid events. That I was very excited for this event is an understatement. The shark swam back to Arvika I visited Arvika for the first time the autumn of the 2018 and I managed to win that one and got a shark that time, I haven't missed a tournament in Arvika since then. I have started to love the Arvika community; the small city is very similar to Mariehamn on Ă…land where I grew up. I guess this city has the highest concentration of old school players per capita in the World. Traditionally all tournaments have been arranged in a small place outside of the city but this time they settled for the Scandic conference area. This time the start time was also settled for noon instead of 5 PM, which is great as the tournaments tend