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Oktoberfestcon 2022 - Guest report by Charles Klein

For the first time I'm letting in a guest post for my blog. Now it's time for Charles Klein to tell his story about the "first inaugural" Oktoberfestcon 2022. I hope you enjoy!  

The Plague in Drammen

I got home from Darmstadt last weekend and just felt sick, and I was afraid that I would miss The Plague tournament by having the actual plague. Turned out it was a false alarm, and I was already better on Wednesday. During the years I have learned to know several old school players from Norway. The old-timers like Audun, Thomas, and Erland and then more lately players like Øyvind, Trygve, Daniel and many others. The last time I visited Norway it was back in 1999 and GP Oslo. Oslo/Drammen is close and with so many friends there nowadays I don't know why I haven't gone there before. There is always the feeling with Norway that everything is so expensive. When the roll-up looks like this you just have to go Usually, I start the trip with a beer at the airport but this time I just skipped and went for the traditional Norwegian lunch which is called "matpakke". I'm not a Norwegian culinary expert but from what I've heard its basically just boring dry sandwiches yo

Premodern European Championships

I have announced this blog as both a Old school and Premodern blog. I haven't really been playing much Premodern but when the European Championships was going to take place in Darmstadt and hosted by Slayjay (among others) I knew I had to go. I am known for saying that Premodern is a great format without any fun decks and I somewhat stand by that still. I was deciding among some decks I was considering playing: - Stasis - UB Dreadnought - Pit Rack - Sligh - Enchantress The requirements were a deck that I would be able to play proficiently and a deck I wouldn't drop if I lost the two first rounds. Also, the deck needed to have some fast matchups so I could socialize with both old and new friends. Elves was out of the picture as I'm not proficient with it (never played it) and then I could borrow it to Olle Råde instead. I didn't want to play an Oath deck as the mirror is "unbeatable" according to fellow Gothenburg players, I lack the proficiency and it's ve