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Winc0n - Ciao and arrivederci Genova!

After the disappointment of Tier1Con I was really excited to go for a trip to a real old school tournament. I really needed this trip to be great and it delivered way more than expected.  Travelling to Genoa from Gothenburg there are many options, and they all have their issues. Either I could just travel to a close by city and get a train or go straight to Genoa but flying in at 0600 AM and out at 0630 AM. I choose the later alternative and must get up at 0300 AM and travel alone as no one from Gothenburg travels to old school tournaments except me. I booked a taxi and the driver tried to teach me some Italian on the way to the airport, nothing stuck of course. Everything went smooth and I arrived in Munich for a 3.5-hour layover and some breakfast with beers. I love a WeiƟbier in the morning Nothing beats a German breakfast? During the weekend I learned a lot beats that Danny arrived at Genoa about the same time as me and we were going to get picked up by Megu and Lorenzo. First stop