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First Inaugural The Open In London - England Belongs to Me!

Sometimes it's best to just go with the flow and go to quite unplanned to a small event with the intention of hanging out with some good friends and eat some food. Always lots of food. My first time playing OS was 10 years ago where I knocked on Kalle's door and played a small five-man tournament with Kalle, Gajol, Stalin and another guy. My deck was utter trash, but I had got the power for vintage already and this was very much a work in progress. No deck picture but the exact list and that is better than the pictures I used to take back then. I finished 1-3 with the deck. Participating in the brothers of fires first inaugural British OS Open was a good way to celebrate my first 10 years of playing old school. Brothers of Fire has been the premier OS team since forever and I have never had a chance to visit one of their events. I had arranged to stay with Brother Stebbo, so I didn't have to sit by myself at a hotel when no one else from Gothenburg wants to travel with me.