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Oldschool Patches

This is a different kind of entry. It won't really feature anything about Magic just about a different collection. This is something to do while preparing for Viennageddon upcoming weekend. I had planned to visit both Raging Bull Series and Hanseatic Cup, but I think I can't manage to do more tournaments before the summer.

24 Hour Party People (aka Easter Week in Gothenburg)

I have played n00bcon five times before this year and have enjoyed them. This year I made a totally different approach and started hanging out with OS people on Wednesday and even stayed at the Panorama Hotel from Thursday-Sunday. "I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now."

Friday I'm In Love (with Groningen)

I must take a break in the siab00rg/n00bcon preparations to do a short write-up about the Paladins of the North 2022 tournament last weekend. You know how after a lot of concerts you get the feeling that this was the best thing you ever seen? That is exactly the feeling about last weekend, that it was the greatest OS event ever. Maybe it was, maybe Cabin in the Woods was better. But it's Friday and I'm in love with the Dutch community.