X-Files Invitational #5 - deck pics

This is gonna be my least effort blog post ever. We had a very small but cozy tournament and there is not much more to be done than just post the lists. Upcoming blog posts will probably feature Paladins of the North in Groningen and the n00bcon week.

We only got 7 players this time but we still managed to play 4 rounds with some chat between rounds.

Winner - Svante Landgraf

(All-time X-files record 12-4)

2nd place - Charles Klein

(All-time X-files record 9-11-1)

3rd place - Slanfan

(All-time X-files record 3-3-2)

4th place - Ă…land

(All-time X-files record 16-9)

5th place - Greg T

(All-time X-files record 2-4-2)

6th place - Florian von Bredow

(All-time X-files record 8-9)

7th place - Alexander Hoeper

(All-time X-files record 1-3)