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Old School Content Creation

This might be way too long, but I hope that someone finds some inspiration to start creating content in the old school space. I'm not an expert in the area but I dabbled in a lot these last two years, and I just want to share my ideas. The lazy years without contributing This is another blog post I never suspected that I would write. I have been playing old school since 2012 and for the first 8 years I was a tournament player and did no content creation or community building whatsoever. Sometimes I even was so lazy I didn't even take a deck picture. I was also oblivious to what was going on around me. I didn't know what the Winter or Summer Derby was, I had played several n00bcon and basically ignored learning to know the players unless they initiated contact with me. I remember n00bcon 2019 when I was paired in the 7th round and people were talking about Mano and I had no idea who that was. In my cabin in the woods adventure, I talked to Mari, and he said we played each ot