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X-Files Invitational #4 - deck pics

After wishing everyone a happy new omicron year I got myself covid and was out for a week. Lucky enough I got back in form for my 4th X-Files Tournament that had been scheduled two months ago. I think the spiciness was very great this time around. This time we got 14 players which is the most tied with the first X-Files Tournament. I think this is somewhat of a sweet spot when it comes to having a Whereby "pub" to talk in between rounds. I'm not going to spend time writing anything and just post the results and deck lists. Winner - Nick Cramer (All-time X-files record: 8-2) Finalist - Ă…land (All-time X-files record: 14-7) 3-4th place - Charles Klein (All-time X-files record: 7-10) 3-4th place - Gordon Andersson (All-time X-files record: 5-8) 5th place - Svante Landgraf (All-time X-files record: 8-4) 6th place - Anton Glans (All-time X-files record: 9-5) 7th place - Micke Thai (All-time X-files record: 4-3) 8th place - Danny Friedman (All-time X-files record: 7-6-1) 9th pl