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[Redacted] gathering at [redacted]

So, it's finally time, the last real event of the year. The travel fatigue is real and I'm aiming to take a break until Arvika in February. Also, going to try to stay away as much as possible from alcohol. It's for sure been a great year and I'm already started planning what tournaments I'm gonna visit next year. I'm most definitely going back to Uthden Troll Cup! As I have implied there is going to be more of these [Redacted] events coming up as the popularity of Old School really has boomed during covid and the years before that. There are of course going to be big tournaments like n00bcon, Arvika Festival, Lobstercon and Winc0n but these smaller gatherings certainly have their charm. This time we ended up with 14 wizards located in a house somewhere (the house had everything, so some people never even left the house during the whole weekend). The only thing that was scheduled was the tournament that (almost) no one cared about on Saturday. Other than that, th

BSK 2022 - Second longest running yearly OS tournament

This weekend was a tough one. I had to arrange the OS tournament at BSK in Sweden and be at Uthden Troll Cup in Leeuwarden, Netherlands at the same time. But in the end, I enjoyed both tournaments and I will focus on BSK as I guess a lot more people will cover UTC. The OS tournament at BSK has been declining since it lost its shark and I think last year was the least amount of players in many year. I covered that one on this blog as well. It's a weird one, it's arranged in a school building with other Magic tournaments, card games, role playing games, board games and general nerd stuff. It's quite sober as you are not to allowed to drink inside (school building, underage kids and beer don't go together in the Swedish society). But with that said, it's a tournament where you meet people you don't otherwise meet, and no drinking (except outside between rounds) makes the tournament unique in a way. I like it. First and second place prizes at BSK, no trophies or an

Oktoberfestcon 2022 - Guest report by Charles Klein

For the first time I'm letting in a guest post for my blog. Now it's time for Charles Klein to tell his story about the "first inaugural" Oktoberfestcon 2022. I hope you enjoy!  

The Plague in Drammen

I got home from Darmstadt last weekend and just felt sick, and I was afraid that I would miss The Plague tournament by having the actual plague. Turned out it was a false alarm, and I was already better on Wednesday. During the years I have learned to know several old school players from Norway. The old-timers like Audun, Thomas, and Erland and then more lately players like Øyvind, Trygve, Daniel and many others. The last time I visited Norway it was back in 1999 and GP Oslo. Oslo/Drammen is close and with so many friends there nowadays I don't know why I haven't gone there before. There is always the feeling with Norway that everything is so expensive. When the roll-up looks like this you just have to go Usually, I start the trip with a beer at the airport but this time I just skipped and went for the traditional Norwegian lunch which is called "matpakke". I'm not a Norwegian culinary expert but from what I've heard its basically just boring dry sandwiches yo

Premodern European Championships

I have announced this blog as both a Old school and Premodern blog. I haven't really been playing much Premodern but when the European Championships was going to take place in Darmstadt and hosted by Slayjay (among others) I knew I had to go. I am known for saying that Premodern is a great format without any fun decks and I somewhat stand by that still. I was deciding among some decks I was considering playing: - Stasis - UB Dreadnought - Pit Rack - Sligh - Enchantress The requirements were a deck that I would be able to play proficiently and a deck I wouldn't drop if I lost the two first rounds. Also, the deck needed to have some fast matchups so I could socialize with both old and new friends. Elves was out of the picture as I'm not proficient with it (never played it) and then I could borrow it to Olle Råde instead. I didn't want to play an Oath deck as the mirror is "unbeatable" according to fellow Gothenburg players, I lack the proficiency and it's ve