Happy new Omicron year!

Well, this year went by fast, I haven't really prepared anything for this year but I will try to write down some stuff. Not going to be so exciting but at least I get to wish everyone a (hopefully) happy new year.

Some statistics about my year(s)

This year I played 119 old-school matches with a win rate of 60.5% (2020: 218 old-school matches with a win rate of 56.9%). The main reason I played less was that I quit playing leagues with except for Derbies as I needed to cut out some of the stress factors in my life after getting diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have played a lot of different old-school decks, and these are the ones I've been playing, mixing spike with spice (but focusing heavily on spike).

  • Disco Troll x 9 (1*)
  • BWR Midrange x 3
  • Diamond Valley-Underworld Dreams x 3
  • The Deck x 3*
  • Twiddle Vault x 3
  • UR Counterburn x 2
  • Atog*
  • Arena of Legends
  • Black Christmas
  • Burning Moon
  • Copytog
  • Dark Flux
  • Deadguy Ale
  • DFB Green
  • Dibatog
  • Evil Eye Dreams
  • Faetog
  • Fantasy Zoo
  • Juzam Dreams
  • Lord's Sacrifice
  • Masknought
  • Mono Green
  • Mono U Partial Recall
  • Powerball
  • Reanimator
  • Shops
  • Stasis
  • Tax Tower
  • Temple of Sped
  • Trick Deck
  • Vaultatog
  • White Weenie
* These were played in events that encouraged spiking

This is the Black Christmas deck I played for Wak-Wak Christmas stream

I have been playing way too little Premodern and only played 19 matches with a win rate of 52.7% (2020: 36 matches with a win rate of 69.4%). I was hoping that we could start up a local league, so I waited for that, and I am still waiting, hoping for more online one-day events to keep the stress levels at a minimum.

The most exciting Premodern deck I played all year

Return to IRL Magic

All has not been bad with this year. During the year I got to play some awesome IRL events, some of which I have already featured here on this blog. I had the chance to meet old friends and also meet some new friends I learned to know during covid online.

The first IRL event I played was with 5 people including me and I got the chance to meet Joao, Björn and Wille for the first time

Slanfan didn't play but he showed up and gave me an insane birthday present for my 40th birthday

Jonas Twitchen took this picture and I get so happy everytime I watch it, this is from the Cabin in the Woods weekend

Players in the legendary BSK tournament

Sadly didn't take any pictures at the annual Kafferep tournament organized by Paddan but at least I could steal a picture of the trophy.

"Summer's going fast, nights growing colder
Children growing up, old friends growing older
Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger"

The return of trading

This is one of the things that have excited me the most this year. Since the card prizes have skyrocketed a lot of people can't just buy cards. I have been trading a lot of cards I don't use or need for stuff I want, cards I never would buy for money but have no problem trading for. Also, it's way more exciting than just buying the cards.

I never realized this Balance was Alpha and it had been sitting in my binder for years. Trading it to Myrbacka who really wanted it felt just great. Who won on the trade? Who cares!

I traded for all this sweet stuff during BSK. Oh, and the boosters are for my 50th birthday chaos draft. The white bordered City in a Bottle are MGs from the early 2010s.

The troll!

It's hard to pick my favorite card for the year and I love my 40th birthday Fireball from Slanfan but I think this Sedge Troll from Markus must take the prize for the card of the year in my books. Hopefully we will soon meet again, and you can continue altering my playset.

Deck ideas for 2022

I'm excited to play more Magic in 2022 and dabble a bit more in Premodern. In old-school I'm already brewing on my tier 4 Lich-Enchantress deck and look forward to playing some Time Vaults and hopefully win a tournament with it. In Premodern I'm going to try to focus on some of my favorite UD-decks which is MUD and SPUD.

Happy new year everyone!

I want to wish all the players and friends a happy new year and hope it will be better than 2021. Stay safe and look out for each other.

"The years just pass like trains, I wave but they don't slow down."