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Happy new Omicron year!

Well, this year went by fast, I haven't really prepared anything for this year but I will try to write down some stuff. Not going to be so exciting but at least I get to wish everyone a (hopefully) happy new year. Some statistics about my year(s) This year I played 119 old-school matches with a win rate of 60.5% (2020: 218 old-school matches with a win rate of 56.9%). The main reason I played less was that I quit playing leagues with except for Derbies as I needed to cut out some of the stress factors in my life after getting diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have played a lot of different old-school decks, and these are the ones I've been playing, mixing spike with spice (but focusing heavily on spike). Disco Troll x 9 (1*) BWR Midrange x 3 Diamond Valley-Underworld Dreams x 3 The Deck x 3* Twiddle Vault x 3 UR Counterburn x 2 Atog* Arena of Legends Black Christmas Burning Moon Copytog Dark Flux Deadguy Ale DFB Green Dibatog Evil Eye Dreams Faetog Fantasy Zoo Juzam Dreams