Cabin in the Woods

Wow wow wow, the first real live "tournament" since Viennaggeddon in March 2020. It's gonna be impossible to write anything that will give justice to this weekend. This time there will be lots of pictures with hopefully some describing texts.

Had to add a lot of patches to my Battle Jacket, I just started it
a while before covid but people have sent me some nice stuff.

The back patch might not make sense but there is a story
behind it, but I won't delve into that at this time. I didn't
really want to add band patches but that Opeth patch was
too clean to not add to the vest and one of my best bands.

Aah, airport beer expensive but still great on the way to the secret government facility in [Redacted].
The Lone Gunman is very happy to get invited by [Redacted].

After doing the fat man running across the airport with a mask to compensate for a late plane I found
these two brothers waiting at the gate!

We arrived around 10pm so I skipped the old school cube and instead enjoying a couple of beers.
It was nice with some familiar faces in addition to the new ones (for me).

I woke up as the second guy and just walked around a bit enjoying the scenery as it was dark
when I arrived the evening before.

There were some small cozy cabins which we didn't have to use, we stayed in a newly built house.

Slanfan: friend, teammate, creative genius, 40 before 40 and 40 years old.

Friday cubing, had to second pick a Giant Shark. None of my opponents played Islands.

A lot of people just enjoying IRL events and having a great time among friends.

Friday ante games!

Traded away an Alpha Balance for some easier cards to have in trade binder. Had that Balance since
2012 and it was bought cheap as a Beta Balance, just recently found out it was Alpha.

Nick Cramer accidently destroyed the fuse box while making toast so ante games had to use mobile
phones as lights. This is way more hardcore than the ones who left to find another conference room where the lights where working.

Saturday art class with gag balls and dicks.

I almost forgot there was a tournament to play so I sleeved up my faithful trolls.

Some association football action going on, Enforcer going for the offense...

...but sadly falls down. I missed taking pics of the rugby game.

You couldn't guess it was the last weekend of October as two people decided to play outside.

One of the most important things with these kind of 72 hour events is food. We had food, beer, candy and everything else the whole week long. New bread arrived during the mornings and buffets arrived in the evenings. No one was hangry or upset there was no booze around.

Final standings after five rounds, somehow I managed to go 4-1.

I feel this was somewhat of an important match, the Souther European Millstone championships
featuring Spain vs Italy.

I played the quarter finals against good friend Svante (always spiking!) and lost.
Picture was stolen from Brother Jonas.

Two of the happy semi finalists! Also the only two guys I did trades with during the weekend.

The spiky semi finalists!

There were a lot of others games going about this weekend. 

Triple Force of Nature! Remis the dog attended the whole weekend and was a real good boy
and a valued member of the community (already at 4 months old).

Slanfan watching his gagball mat, the finals in progress and me talking to Force of Nature in the background. (picture stolen from Jason)

I asked my good friend to alter a Sedge Troll as a self portrait for me.
It came out a lot better than I expected (I really had no idea what to expect)

Markus did the troll pose after getting his white t-shirt.

The last men standing on the last night. Brother Jonas, Me, Brother Stebbo and Jason the Flying Bear
(picture stolen from Brother Jonas)

Some guys enjoying Jam Kitchen with the creator Colonel Twitchen in the background.

After filling forms for a couple of hours Brother Stebbo "leveraged" some sausage rolls.

Remis the force of nature surrounded by his favorite things in the world - leaves.

Spoils of war from the weekend, I got a Shatter stamped with Only Alpha and the Fireball was a late night alter by Slanfan for my deck.

This was such an energy boost after almost two years without "real" IRL Magic. I got to hang out with a lot of my best friends and also got to know several new people which I hope I can call my friends for the rest of my life. Now to get ready for the next event in three days which is the oldschool oldschool tournament at BSK.