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X-Files Invitational #3 - deck pics

I never intended for this to become an ongoing series but some people just don't want to play other webcam tournaments than my small gatherings so I guess I just will keep going on (this is not a brag, more of a burden 😀 ). Sometimes I feel Charles is just standing looking out his Windowpane waiting for the next X-files tournament. We even had a stand-in raccoon/reindeer to play Svante who got bye in the first round. Snap keep on the draw, obviously top was a Badlands. T1 Juzam, T2 dirty hippie, T3 dirty hippie. A new feature for this tournament was discussing the deck pics in "the pub" after the tournament was done.  I think this is interesting to hear input on the decks and overall good discussions. We also discussed the format for Tolaria Open arranged on the 13th of November (sign up!). Today we decided to play only four rounds and no top 4. We had a clean winner this time so no need for a final or anything. Svante Landgraf (12 points) Sweetness rating: