X-Files Invitational #2 - deck pics

This is somewhat of a tradidion as it is the second tournament in a series that might continue or might be discontinued. To be honest I might just continue this because Charles Klein seems to get so happy from these online gatherings. I will grade the deck pics submitted for this tournament as the quality and layout is about from 0/10 to 10/10.

10 players gathered and this was the standings after the Swiss (Tolaria destroys the standings after the playoffs and adds points from the playoffs to the final standings).

  1. Mikael Johansson 9p (with 1 bye)
  2. Florian von Bredow 9p
  3. Anton Glans 9p
  4. Danny Friedman 7p (with 1 bye)
  5. Charles Klein 6p
  6. Olof Ekstrand 6p
  7. Seb Celia 6p
  8. Martin Lindström 4p (with 1 bye)
  9. Svante Landgraf 3p
  10.  Jonas Stattin 0p (drop after round 1)

Winner - Anton Glans

Spike Bant
Deck pic rating: 9.5/10 
Not much to complain about here. Lightning is good, you see all cards, everything looks straight, no overlap. The only complaint is the 61th card should be somewhere among the 60 cards.

Finalist - Danny Friedman
Parfait - UWB prison with all "the good stuff" + Jade Statue
Deck pic rating: 3/10
First of all, this deck pic kinda gives me migraine. All cards are visible but this is not a sun fan competition. Saved by the overall lighting and picture quality.

3-4th place - Mikael Johansson

Disco - Trolls are banned from this Disco
Deck pic rating: NA
Not gonna rate my own deck pic.

3-4th place - Florian von Bredow

My list
Deck pic rating: 8/10
Lighting is good, sideboard is clearly separated, the 61th card is not outside the "box" of the main deck. Easy to count the cards, personal preference is I don't like overlap of the main deck cards.

5th place - Charles Klein

Eureka Moon
Deck pic rating: 4/10
First of all this is in 4:3 and not 16:9, learn to turn the phone sideways and Google your phone's camera settings. Lighting is good, all cards are visible but kinda impossible to count the number of cards in the deck easily. And what's up with Americans and sun fans?

6th place - Olof Ekstrand

Lat-Nam's Heresy - Trike -> copy trike -> transmute trike -> animate trike -> trikelicious
Deck pic rating: 6.5/10
Very similar deck to Florian's and also similarities in the deck pic. A with weird layout with four cards on the side and assymetry of the sideboard. Lighting somewhat bad.

7th place - Seb Celia

Mono U - Blue is the color of my true loves eyes
Deck pic rating: 0.1/10
There is a lot of black space in this ENORMOUS picture and the layout and lighting is terrible.

8th place - Martin Lindström

The One Deck - Having an alpha collection means you sometimes have to play alpha singleton. To make the deck competitive, I allow myself some proxies. This is version 2.0 - the classical elements
Deck pic rating: 10/10
Symmetry, visibility, good lighting, every card fully visible. This is how I want my deck pictures.

9th place - Svante Landgraf

Disco Universe 2.0 - Like Troll Disco but good
Deck pic rating: 5/10
Really hard to count the number of cards in the deck, unnecessary overlap and lighting is somewhat bad.

10th place - Jonas Stattin

Åländskt Disco - Ålands Disco Troll
Deck pic rating: 3.5/10
Every card is kinda visible but annoying assymetry. Impossible to fast count the cards of the deck. A bit of annoying glare also cuts the rating.

This was a fun Saturday in a gathering of 10 players (4,5 Sharks). The tournament was finished around 21 CET but Anton, Seb and me kept it going until midnight with Reindeer popping in around 23 CET. Will probably do this again some time.