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X-Files Invitational #2 - deck pics

This is somewhat of a tradidion as it is the second tournament in a series that might continue or might be discontinued. To be honest I might just continue this because Charles Klein seems to get so happy from these online gatherings. I will grade the deck pics submitted for this tournament as the quality and layout is about from 0/10 to 10/10. 10 players gathered and this was the standings after the Swiss (Tolaria destroys the standings after the playoffs and adds points from the playoffs to the final standings). Mikael Johansson 9p (with 1 bye) Florian von Bredow 9p Anton Glans 9p Danny Friedman 7p (with 1 bye) Charles Klein 6p Olof Ekstrand 6p Seb Celia 6p Martin Lindström 4p (with 1 bye) Svante Landgraf 3p  Jonas Stattin 0p (drop after round 1) Winner - Anton Glans Spike Bant Deck pic rating: 9.5/10   Not much to complain about here. Lightning is good, you see all cards, everything looks straight, no overlap. The only complaint is the 61th card should be somewhere among the 60 card