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Corona lockdown decks part ten

It has been over four months since I posted part nine. I have not been playing that much online lately skipping leagues and focusing on one day events to relieve an unnecessary stressful part of my life. I think (and hope) this is going to be the last part in the series. I feel that from September we might get our local events starting again. But I will try to post about X-Files invitational every now and then. Until next time, enjoy. Havenwood Battleground 2 - 3-4 Record (75 Players ATL) This was a funny deck to play, I acquired a lot of Legends because I find them really sweet. Initially this deck had four Birds of Paradise, but I decided to make it singleton except for the lands. Obviously, the deck wasn't great but it's fun to play some tier 3-4 decks every now and then. I will most definitely play something similar in the future (now I also own a single Eureka for the deck). N00bcoM 2  - 5-2 Record (120 Players SWE) Ah, the best tournament of the year and playing my favori