X-Files Invitational #1 - some kind of report

Lately I have not really been into playing Old School or Magic at all, that also lead into no interest in writing blog posts. But I had this tournament booked up where I invited some people I really want to play a tournament with and make it Swedish ruleset with Swedish reprints only. This tournament is some kind of halfway home between regular corona tournaments and small real life tournaments, enjoy!

I invited around 25 people to this tournament and, we ended up with 14 people playing the tournament which gave us four rounds and a top 4. Felt reasonable as we really wanted to spend some time in the pub between rounds.

This is a lot of happy people having a great time. People almost got upset when I posted pairings and interrupted everyone catching up.

Seb posted one of the most hilarious quotes of the day. Charles Klein played his first ever Swedish reprints tournament. He got to play his Black Lotus in the last match.

A clean cut to top 4 as Koos Cramer lost his last match against Micke thai. One of the problems with 14-16 player tournaments and top 4 is that you can miss with a 3-1 record.

I lost in the swiss and in the finals against teammate The Janitor in a rough matchup.

Winner - Jonas Stattin
Bad Taste in Music - Its a Parfait with Titanias Song

Finalist - Mikael Johansson (Åland)
Vaultatog - Stolen from Jeff Liu

3-4th place - Jason Schwartz

3-4th place - Reindeer (Christian Reinhard)
Les Trolles Dances - Bonjour

5th place - Anton Glans
UWb Skyes - I know, Tormod's Crypt?! I thought Friedman was gonna play!

6th place - Magnus de Laval
Project M - A pile of cards, now with Granite Gargoyle

7th place - Seb Celia
Seb Trying To Be Mano

8th place - Micke thai
Detta om detta deck - So Killer Nygren what do you think about playing arabian zoo in this format?

9th place - Koos Cramer
PM Deck - Combo control

10th place - Johan Guldbrandsson (JohanGuld)
Distress Parfait - Control lock down

11th place - Malte Wanner
malte.dec - rg pingpong

12th place - Florian Von Bredow

13th place - Charles Klein

14th place - Gordon Andersson
8 Moon - Could be 9 but I will probably not moon...


  • Everyone showing up and hanging out in the pub and contributing to a great time
  • Florian Von Bredow for always being the happiest German around
  • Not a single complaint the whole day <3

  • Paddan's work not allowing him to play
  • Corona for fucking everything up
  • Slow vaccination

Well, this was great, one of the best ways to spend a Saturday among old and new friends. I feel that some new friendships were made yesterday. The only thing that would beat it is to be physically at the same place, hopefully 2022 will be a great year.



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    1. I can eat coriander and you can eat remoulade sauce on your fickenschnitzel

  2. Thanks for a great gathering Åland, a very nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon :) And I really enjoyed our match in the swiss, what an intricate and strange game that was.

    1. Yeah that match was intense and the best I played all day long. We have had some good and strange games over the years, it's 9 years since we played for the first time at Warcon.


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