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X-Files Invitational #1 - some kind of report

Lately I have not really been into playing Old School or Magic at all, that also lead into no interest in writing blog posts. But I had this tournament booked up where I invited some people I really want to play a tournament with and make it Swedish ruleset with Swedish reprints only. This tournament is some kind of halfway home between regular corona tournaments and small real life tournaments, enjoy! I invited around 25 people to this tournament and, we ended up with 14 people playing the tournament which gave us four rounds and a top 4. Felt reasonable as we really wanted to spend some time in the pub between rounds. This is a lot of happy people having a great time. People almost got upset when I posted pairings and interrupted everyone catching up. Seb posted one of the most hilarious quotes of the day. Charles Klein played his first ever Swedish reprints tournament. He got to play his Black Lotus in the last match. A clean cut to top 4 as Koos Cramer lost his last match against M