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Corona lockdown decks part nine

I had an initial thought of posting once every 10 days and I kept that up for a while. Lately I have not really been playing that much and have not really been "feeling it" lately. I played way too much in 2020 and I have had some medical issues which made me skip signing up for every league in March and even skipped some late February one-day events. So these decks are from the middle of January until now. Wak-wak Stream - 0-1 Record (Swedish Exhibition Match) This is just something I threw together to play against Gordon's "White Weenie". I have been playing a lot of Dark Rituals and Underworld Dreams and some Evil-Eye's this last year. This is not a good Evil Eye deck, but I didn't want to make anything really strong. I lost and was quite happy I did not have to play this more than one match. Online Jan-Feb Tournament 2021 - Top 8 (61 Players T1.5) This is obviously a real treat to be able to play before it gets banned. It plays a lot of the strongest