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Happy new Omicron year!

Well, this year went by fast, I haven't really prepared anything for this year but I will try to write down some stuff. Not going to be so exciting but at least I get to wish everyone a (hopefully) happy new year. Some statistics about my year(s) This year I played 119 old-school matches with a win rate of 60.5% (2020: 218 old-school matches with a win rate of 56.9%). The main reason I played less was that I quit playing leagues with except for Derbies as I needed to cut out some of the stress factors in my life after getting diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have played a lot of different old-school decks, and these are the ones I've been playing, mixing spike with spice (but focusing heavily on spike). Disco Troll x 9 (1*) BWR Midrange x 3 Diamond Valley-Underworld Dreams x 3 The Deck x 3* Twiddle Vault x 3 UR Counterburn x 2 Atog* Arena of Legends Black Christmas Burning Moon Copytog Dark Flux Deadguy Ale DFB Green Dibatog Evil Eye Dreams Faetog Fantasy Zoo Juzam Dreams

Oldschool Oldschool at BSK

When it comes to really old oldschool I always think about BSK. Back in 2012 I played my first BSK (and my second real tournament). BSK has been running every year (with the exception of 2020) since 2009, longer than pretty much everyone has been playing oldschool. This is the card that everyone is playing for, traditionally it was All Hallow's Eve but that is too expensive nowadays. During the years BSK has been arranged in several different "venues", when I started it was played in two hotel suites and people played on beds, floors etc. and it's a wonder that everyone didn't sustain serious back injuries from those tournaments. Around 2014 we started playing at the local gaming convention BSK (BorĂ¥s SpelKonvent) but in a separate room, that year we were around 60 players so playing in the hotel suites was not possible. The 2021 venue on friday before the players arrived. From maybe 2015 someone decided we wanted to be part of the ordinary BSK gaming convention (

Cabin in the Woods

Wow wow wow, the first real live "tournament" since Viennaggeddon in March 2020. It's gonna be impossible to write anything that will give justice to this weekend. This time there will be lots of pictures with hopefully some describing texts. Had to add a lot of patches to my Battle Jacket, I just started it a while before covid but people have sent me some nice stuff. The back patch might not make sense but there is a story behind it, but I won't delve into that at this time. I didn't really want to add band patches but that Opeth patch was too clean to not add to the vest and one of my best bands. Aah, airport beer expensive but still great on the way to the secret government facility in [Redacted] . The Lone Gunman is very happy to get invited by [Redacted]. After doing the fat man running across the airport with a mask to compensate for a late plane I found these two brothers waiting at the gate! We arrived around 10pm so I skipped the old school cube and inst