Lockdown mailcalls part three

 I have been feeling like a real shopaholic the last months, but whatever gonna continue with the cardboard crack as a mean to cope with this pandemic. Nine months since Viennageddon which was the last in real life Magic games played and I have only met non co-workers a couple of times during this nine month period. 

Need some basics for this new FBB addiction. Nostalgia is very 
high with these cards, back in the 90's I did not have Beta basics, 
but I did have FBB basics.

A extra playset, more Diamond Valley synergies and 
Singleton cards.

I am so impressed how fun and deep this ALICE format is, I am 
having a great time exploring the card pool and trying out different deck 
ideas. And the best part of it; it is very cheap.

Filling out some small holes in my Premodern collection.

Cannot just focus on the black-bordered stuff, still
must continue with some white-bordered crap.

I got balled hard in a game of Magic, and received
this beautiful slightly worn Balance. The Disenchant 
is a beautiful participation card from the
LobstercoM raffle.

Probably the most random pile of cards I have seen.

Got me some playsets (and extras) of sweet
FBB cards. I bought a lot of Kird Apes, and
they got restricted to max 3 in Revised40.

A healthy mix of very "playable" cards.

I was surprised to get this beautiful care package from
the Hanseatic oldschool crew. Notice especially the pin 
of H.P Baxxter! Hyper! Hyper!

Got this beautiful, altered playset from my
good friend Jakob, need to play this a lot.

Unlimited collection is finished so slowly adding to my
other old school sets with some cheap Antiquities
cards and some Arabian Nights cards.

Got some extra salary in December so treated myself to 
some a little bit more high-end FBB cards. The cards
I have used in this picture? Magical Hack, Flood,
Sunken City and Unsummon.

Timeshifted cards are great! They are cheap, old border
and have the exact right saturation.

Ice Cauldron feels about as deep as you dare go in ALICE.

I see a clear shift from FWB to FBB in these last batches
of cards. There are not many white-bordered cards I 
miss now.

Rounding out this with some premodern-era cards.
Just filling it out some small holes.

This post felt really unnispiring, might be might last maillcall post ever. Maybe it is just the fact that I buy so much "bulky" cards so there is no real interest in digging deeper into the mail calls. But the different Disenchants and the care package from Hanseatic old school really made me happy. This community is the best.