Lockdown mailcalls part two

It has been a month since I posted here but my content focus kind of has been on working with Säb's podcast monster of the week (please have a listen!). These are some old mail calls from August to September, but I really like sharing my mail calls since I love seeing everyone else's mail calls as well. Now I don't have much content other than mail calls and lockdown decks lined up.

Bought some sweet stuff from DFB, nothing I really needed but still some fun stuff to have. Of these cards I have used one Winds of Change and the Tawnos's Coffin. Some of the other stuff is backup cards for my Ante deck. Really appreciate the stickers I use on my deck boxes. Took 7 days to get from Boston to Stockholm and then 19 days more to get to my postal office.

These are some of the cards for my white-bordered fetish (the black-bordered ones are going to get the borders erased).

I really like to play premodern and had to fill out some cards to enable more decks (I think I'm up to be able to build 30 decks or so and I have played like 10-15 of them). Also an extra playset of Thawing Glaciers for my ALICE projects, why not have two playsets of the best card in the format.

Well I kind of like the fourth edition saturation of cards and sometimes I just want to play with black borders and then FBB Revised is the poison I go for. This ends me with having 4 Swedish legal, 4 white-bordered and 4 foreign black-bordered for a lot of cards.

Sometimes you get extra presents from your friends when you buy cards, I really appreciate this kind stuff you get randomly thrown in.

Nothing really special with this but sometimes when you order people just put their whole stamp collection on an envelope.

Some day we will start playing real life tournaments again, looking forward to trade patches with all the other clubs!

Some more white-bordered cards you just need to have (debatable).

I really wanted to get my hands on my first set of black-bordered Birds of Paradise with original art, I have never played the card in Old School but it's in the rotation for my premodern decks. The merfolk and terrains are cards I have actually sleeved up today.

Filling up some ALICE cards and cards for a premodern Zombie deck which I might never play but it can be a cool deck to have in your gauntlet to lend out to someone when real life play resumes.

This is probably one of the weirdest acquisitions I've done, I wanted to buy my second Gilded Drake, but the owner had a "premodern legal" EDH deck (+ a High Tide for inf mana combo). I'm going to keep this and maybe join an EDH game or two with it.

This took like 6 weeks to get to me, but this is sweet. I have already put the patch on my battle jacket and the Balance has already been played in a tournament.

Ah the sweet Diamond Valleys, after getting them I think I have played them in five tournaments already. Also getting a second Chaos Orb and a backup Scrubland for Ante40K is some nice acquisitions. Illusionary Mask is the last card for my Unlimited set.

Boring Premodern cards, just need to get all these "staples".

Slanfan was nice and sent me two tokens for my Rukh Eggs. I love these so much, they are my favorite tokens I own by far.

I won this in the raffle from LobstercoM, I was going to buy one of these posters anyway but hey winning one while giving to a great charity is even better!

I'm sorry for the lack of interesting content but as I wrote my inspiration lately really has been for the podcast but hopefully I will get some nice blog ideas in the future (I see the budget decks were kinda popular so might follow up on that). Until then, take care and do not get infected.