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Lockdown mailcalls part two

It has been a month since I posted here but my content focus kind of has been on working with Säb's podcast monster of the week (please have a listen!). These are some old mail calls from August to September, but I really like sharing my mail calls since I love seeing everyone else's mail calls as well. Now I don't have much content other than mail calls and lockdown decks lined up. Bought some sweet stuff from DFB, nothing I really needed but still some fun stuff to have. Of these cards I have used one Winds of Change and the Tawnos's Coffin. Some of the other stuff is backup cards for my Ante deck. Really appreciate the stickers I use on my deck boxes. Took 7 days to get from Boston to Stockholm and then 19 days more to get to my postal office. These are some of the cards for my white-bordered fetish (the black-bordered ones are going to get the borders erased). I really like to play premodern and had to fill out some cards to enable more decks (I think I'm up to