Premodern lockdown decks part one

Usually this blog only focuses on old school magic but I still like other formats and in particular I like Premodern. I played premodern for the first time in November 2016 with one of the earlier versions of Martin Berlin's gauntlet. We only played three rounds but I was hooked. This was around the time Martin Berlin announced this format to the public and I went on a shopping spree (already owning a lot of the expensive cards from playing Legacy and Vintage). I helped kick-start the Premodern scene in Gothenburg arranging some tournaments and gatherings but somehow I stopped playing Premodern around winter-spring 2019. Now It's time for a comeback!

Premodern Monthly August - 5-1 Record (105 Players)

This deck was initially built by one of the Mad Wizards of Gothenburg Arvid and this specific list was given to me by one of my prime dealers in deck lists Svante Landgraf. Deck is solid and mulligans extremely well. This month I missed the playoffs on wildcard tiebreakers (next month all 5-1's advanced). I only lost a match 1-2 against The Rock on what was probably a misplay from my side.

PreModern Mid-Summer Revel - 3-2 Record (25 Players)

Ah, another one of the decks from the Mad Wizards of Gothenburg. This is the exact list Mikael Lindén won the Swedish Nationals back in 2019 with. Not much to say, deck is good and I hadn't even goldfish it before playing the tournament. There are some slight adjustments that probably needs to be made (Intuition and Fling instead of the Fact or Fiction's and another Pyroclasm in the board). 

Premodern Monthly September - Top 4 (95 Players)

I was browsing YouTube and found this video which had this amazing decklist in it. I do not know if the guy in the video made this deck himself or if the creator was someone else. As an old vintage stax player this list felt like someone crafted a 75 card deck just for me. The interactions in this deck are insane and the Black Vise (best card in deck) punishes all greedy mid-range and control decks. I talk about it more in this episode of All Tings Considered. I ended up winning my T16 and T8 match but losing the semi final to The Rock after mulling to 5 game 3 and drawing 4 (!!!) Sphere of Resistance in a row. I would consider removing a Smokestack form the main deck and replace it with a third Masticore. 

Fall Brawl - 2-2 Record (64 Players)

This version of Full English Breakfast I got from Robin Lundh is not that special but Intuition, Tradewind Rider and Auramancer are cards that are worth testing. I never searched for Tradewind Rider and doubt I ever will. Really liked Auramancer and that was a card I searched for a couple of times. I wasn't really feeling this tournament, I punted a match and then I felt I had been playing too much Magic, so I decided to drop before the second batch.

Wow, wow, wow. Had so much fun returning to Premodern and all the four decks above are decks I would recommend, and I would definitely play them again. But I have so many decks I want to play so it will probably be at least a year before I revisit them again.