Corona lockdown decks part four

August was a wild month with four leagues played so a lot of matches (27) with four different decks, if you add up my Premodern league it is 33 matches to schedule in about three weeks. At least after this post I'm up to date with all my decks and probably will keep it to once per month, a bit depending on how many leagues and one-day tournaments I participate in.

NEOS Monthly August - Top 10 (72 Players ATL)

I really had to claw through a 4-2 victory with this busted deck, since NEOS was 10 groups 10 players reached the knockout rounds. My losses in the league was a mirror match and some Lauter.dec splashing green. I prefer the white shops to the red version. Wouldn't really change anything to this list.

ODOL August - Top 8 (59 Players SWE)

I finished the group stage 5-1 only losing to a BW Deadguy Ale attacking me 7 times with a unanswered Hypnotic Scepter (that's 7 card and a lot of life loss with a Ivory Tower in play). I got destroyed in the quarter finals against a GW Ehrnamgeddon list. If you are not allowed to use Land Tax, gain life with Ivory Tower or stick a Moat/Bottle you will die to Ehrnam and Elves. Deck is a bit incosistent and I boarded in Swords to Plowshares and Fireball in all matches since I needed more removal, I got lucky with the matchups in this one.

Atlantic Tournament - 2-5 Record (34 Players ATL)

If you play against seven good players with seven good decks this is what might happen even if you play the clear tier 1 deck of the format. Some insanely close games and busted draws on both sides. This version is probably superior to "The Deck with Wincons" but I really hate playing without Serra Angel main deck. 

Type 1.5 Online Tournament Fall - 1-5 Record (56 Players T1.5)

Even though I finished 1-5 I still had some of the greatest games of Magic in a long time, please check out The Beasts of the Bay and their T1.5 format. The deck has a lot of synergies but without the power cards (mainly Ancestral, Wheel of Fortune and Timetwister) it isn't consistent enough. You might draw a Diamond Valley but no creatures, a Rukh Egg with no way to activate it, a lot of walls but nothing to use them for or a Greed without any way to gain life. And I don't know how many times I sat with 5 lands, 2 Mana Vaults and nothing to use them for. Orgg is also so inferior to just playing Shivan Dragon. This is going to be some kind of pet deck in the T1.5 for me, I'm going continue tweaking it and maybe in a year or two I will finish 4-2.

September is full of leagues so expect more deck lists in October. I also want to shout out to everyone to join LobstercoM hosted by Dave Firth Bard, amazing one day event Saturday the 19th September with exhibition matches on friday and streamed top 8 on sunday. For more info and signup, go here.


  1. I like these series! Great to see you joining my monthlies and haven’t seen your deck before but am impressed with the group result, if I remember correctly it was on tie breakers in your advantage which makes it even more impressive!

    Looking forward to your September deck!




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