Lockdown mailcalls part one

As all of my planned trips was cancelled I saved some money and sold some old old expensive unopened commander products so I had some extra cash to spend on some sweet and stupid cardboard and products.

I got myself an amateur version of an playmat just to have something when I play with all the cool old school players with their 1994 Khalsa-Brain playmats. 

Basic lands, lots of basic lands. From my earlier blog posts, you might have seen my fascination for white-bordered cards and 4th edition in particular. 4th edition is the set that really got me into Magic since I only had maybe two Revised starters. I also got some Ice Age lands for playing the ALICE format.

One of the things I collect is one of each English booster from 4th edition until today. Currently I only miss 10 boosters. The reason I am not going for the older ones is obviously the cost but also the possibility of them being scannable (I would consider buying a Revised booster from a newly opened booster box and maybe two The Dark boosters).

Got into Premodern in 2016 and played it a lot for the first couple of years. Now I haven't played it for maybe a year and I wanted to try it more online so I had to fill out with some missing cards.

Some cards I got just to white-border for making decks even closer to being 75 cards white-bordered. I'm choosing to buy Italian Legends and Italian The Dark because the colors are closer to 4th edition than English versions.

Anthologies is a sweet small set with white-bordered versions of some cool old school cards. It's a lot better buying already white-bordered instead of white-bordering cards.

Foreign white bordered (FWB) Revised is a set I have despised for such a long time. But to be fair if you just look past the language the cards looks so much better than ordinary English Revised. These cards are certainly going to see a lot of online play in the coming months.

These Nature's Lore have evaded me for such a long time, most sellers I bought from did not have them in stock or not enough other cards to make a buy profitable with shipping. In combination with the 3 Spirit of the Night I now have 4 of all cards featured in the Scryings set.

I might have gone overboard with this lot of 4th edition cards; I am certainly not going to play all these cards but having them in my binders surely feels sweet and is extremely nostalgic to me. Some of these cards are going to feature in a coming post about 5 budget decks for online play, one in each color.

5th edition is a set that eluded me for almost 25 years but there is really some sweet white-bordered version of so good cards in this set. I will taunt my opponents by playing white-bordered Brainstorms against them.

I think Chronicles was one of the most hated sets by different people back when it was released. The ones owning the old version of the cards in the set saw their value diminishing (can't really remember if this was before or after the reprint of Icy Manipulator in Ice Age) and it made me upset that they didn't reprint Juzam Djinn in this set. From this set back in the 90s I used Erhnam Djinn and City of Brass, now I am looking for a lot of other weird stuff.

I had Necropotence, Kjeldoran Outposts, Thawing Glaciers and some other ALICE cards but I needed to refill with some other cards to be able to build me some decks. I am really hoping I get to play this sweet (and slow) format really soon. The only match I've seen is a double elimination final which took almost four hours to play, nothing for timed rounds.

With all this mumbo-jumbo, new cards, and white-bordered stuff I needed to buy some Swedish legal cards. The Birds are obviously showing my commitment to the Ante 40K format and my second Library of Alexandria is also for Ante 40K (I traded that one for a big bunch of Legacy cards I never use).

With all this new cardboard I got myself some sweet binders going up to 12 of these, in my opinion, tier 1 binders. So now I sorted all my cards in different blocks; Swedish old school, old school reprints, Premodern and Vintage/Legacy. In a year or so I will probably do a total reconfiguration of the binders (which I usually do).

So, this was that, probably not the most interesting but at least it is some kind of content and the possibility to show the readers all the useless crap I spend my money on.