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Summer Derby 2020

This is the first time I'm writing a regular tourney report on my own blog, I decided I would take notes and do a write-up even if I went 0-8 and this is the first derby I'm playing in as I only started with webcam Old School during the corona pandemic this spring. The Derby The Derby is a tournament series that has been going on for quite some time and it takes place twice a year (Summer Derby and Winter Derby). It is arranged and hosted by tournament organizer extraordinaire Dave Firth Bard of the New England Old School group. This time the tournament reached its cap of 256 participants from 20 different countries with 66 different team/group affiliations. The format for this tournament was the Atlantic ruleset (allowing four Mishra's Workshop and Fallen Empires). The tournament is run in two different batches where you have two weeks to schedule and play four matches. The first batch is four totally randomized opponents and in the second batch you are paired against four

The importance of Centurion

This is just going to be a nostalgic trip for me looking through my old Swedish Centurion magazines and remembering the good times in the mid 90s. Centurion was a Swedish CCG magazine focusing mainly on Magic that ran 10 numbers from July 1995 to August 1997 (the numbers 1-3 I have never read but as far as I know they did not feature much Magic). The magazine was created by a Swedish translator and Magic/roleplaying legend Olle Sahlin. Olle later received the lifetime achievement award from the Swedish Magic Association (well deserved!, a Swedish video available here ). I have only met Olle once I think and that was at GP Stockholm, I remember him being really into FBB stuff and we traded some cards. I think these magazines are one of the two biggest reasons I loved Magic so much back in the 90s. The other one being a guy back on Ă…land who ordered booster boxes, arranged tournaments and organized all the trips to PTQs/GPs so thank you "BRIAN" Phil). Every time one of these ma