Corona lockdown decks part two

Just a couple of more deckpics lists from the tournaments I have been playing, hopefully this won't be a 10 part series and that we can get to covering some AFK tournaments.

Atlantic tournament - Top 8 (32 players ATL)

So I tried out a The Deck with Wincons in Atlantic Spikefest. Before I knew I wanted to play my two favourite Old school cards: Moat and Serra Angel if I ever played the Deck. I finished 5-2 with the deck (winning against 2 x Ehrnamgeddon, 2 x Atog, 1 x Ub Merfolk and losing against 1 x Atog and 1 x LionDib). In the quarter finals I lost The Deck mirror. My opponents deck being better set up for the mirror with factories, more artifact removal and a game two library sealed the deal quite easily. An obvious miss with this list is not including Regrowth, there are obviously some other tweaks to make as well. Solid list a part from that, the angels worked even better than expected.

Havenwood Battleground - 5-2 Record (96 players ATL)

I just called this deck "Reindeer special" since it's a list I got from Christian Reinhard that finished second in the Viennageddon Atlantic side event with this list. At first the list looks a bit weird but it's actually quite a well-oiled machine. One hour before the tournament started I traded for 4 x Juzams from Elof so I had to include one in the list (it was a third order before). I lost against shops and Atog which is two of the tier 1 decks in the format (with The Deck), the game against shops was close but against Atog it wasn't that close. I won against a Fog deck, White weenie, Mono Black, Merfolk and GR beats. Deck is fun and fine to play, it's good but doesn't feel that spikey.

Lockdown old school tournament - Top 4 (39 players SWE)

This deck is obviously a well known tier 1 deck from all ordinary old school formats. Not much to say about it, I lost two matches in the swiss; against Shops (with Atog) and a ~70 card mirror. I won against Eureka, Twiddle Vault, Disco Troll and the 74 card mirror. The quarter finals I won against UW fliers and then the stone-cold assassin Brother Stebbo destroyed me in the semi finals with some Ivory Tower/Howling Mine control.

This was all for now, have some more lockdown decks but next week is gonna be something different (trying to update every sunday if possible).