Corona lockdown decks part one

Disclaimer: I have no idea if I'm actually gonna keep writing in this blog at all or if it's just gonna be one post. My intentions of what to do is almost always greater than what I actually end up doing.

After reflecting on the three months since the last IRL tournament Viennageddon 5th March 2020 (read about it here) I must say lockdown has been treating me quite well. I'm in a risk group so I try to avoid people as much as possible, mostly staying at home and buying groceries once a week. Yeah sure I would have loved n00bcon on home soil meeting all the great guys I've come to love during the years (and a lot of new faces I haven't learned to know yet). I also would have loved to visit the communitour stop in the Netherlands in April (I planned to visit all the communitour stops from Viennageddon to the Mountain Madness in 2021).

This experience so far has made me learn to like the little things in life and actually appreciate people more. I've taken up webcam playing which I never ever considered before the corona outbreak. So this post is basically gonna be a list of deckpics of decks I've played so far during corona lockdown.

Worms of the Earth #1 - 1st place (20 players SWE)

Just minor adjustments from my deck that won Viennageddon, I changed some unusable sideboard cards to a strategy with cards that I would use more frequently. I finished the swiss 3-2 and squeezed in to the top 4. In the semi finals I won against robots and the finals I won against the deck, my semi finals and finals opponent we're my two losses in the swiss.

Pestilence Cup 2020 - Top 8 (20 players SWE)
I used the same list as in Worms of the Earth #1, I finished the group stages 4-0 and then lost in the quarter finals against UB Robots in a real cooler.

SiaBorg Online Feast Mexican Beer Con - 1-2 record (29 players SWE)
Same list as above, I dropped after 1-2 record since I wasn't feeling up to playing and the fact that the big n00bcoM seven round tournament the day after was gonna take basically the whole day. The deck is awesome, plays quite solid and has ton of play to it. As of today I wouldn't change a card in the 75.

n00bcoM - 4-3 record (70 players SCR)

My deck followed the principle take a well established deck (UR Counterburn) and add some Scryings cards (Vandal and Lat-Nam's Legacy) and add some fun cards in the sideboard. The deck is nothing special but it's pretty solid and Goblin Vandal is a beast in a lot of matchups. I could see myself playing this list again after modifying the sideboard.

Scryings May Rumble - 1-2 record (40 players SCR)

I actually went 0-2 in the tournament but a guy that I was to face in the losers bracket actually dropped (the drop was delivered in person when he came to me to return some UNL Plateaus). The deck is quite bad although it performed quite well in our bi-weekly testing sessions at GG Bar. I lost both my matches 0-2 but in three of these duels I was one mana short from winning and I actually think I punted one of these games anyway. My interest in Scryings a part from collecting a full playset of all cards is not very high.

I have seven decks more from lockdown, four decks played in tournaments and three ready for upcoming tournaments. I initially was gonna post everything in one post but I think it's better to save som for future (potential) blog posts.

Take care everyone,


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