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Corona lockdown decks part two

Just a couple of more deckpics lists from the tournaments I have been playing, hopefully this won't be a 10 part series and that we can get to covering some AFK tournaments. Atlantic tournament - Top 8 (32 players ATL) So I tried out a The Deck with Wincons in Atlantic Spikefest. Before I knew I wanted to play my two favourite Old school cards: Moat and Serra Angel if I ever played the Deck. I finished 5-2 with the deck (winning against 2 x Ehrnamgeddon, 2 x Atog, 1 x Ub Merfolk and losing against 1 x Atog and 1 x LionDib). In the quarter finals I lost The Deck mirror. My opponents deck being better set up for the mirror with factories, more artifact removal and a game two library sealed the deal quite easily. An obvious miss with this list is not including Regrowth, there are obviously some other tweaks to make as well. Solid list a part from that, the angels worked even better than expected. Havenwood Battleground - 5-2 Record (96 players ATL) I just called this deck "Reinde

The joy of (sometimes) playing with reprints and white borders

Reprints and which to allow is a controversial subject, my stance is generally I don't care. In tournaments I want at-least old-border, original art and non-foil cards. I will never buy CE/IE cards. I despise gold-bordered cards. I think proxies are bad for any format. But this post isn't really about this topic. For over three months the old school magic world of AFK tournaments has been brought to a halt but the online world of webcam old school really has been thriving (70 people n00bcoM, 96 people Havenwood Battleground and 200+ signed up for Summer derby). When I started playing you could still buy Revised starters but the sets that really shaped my teens were 4th Edition and Chronicles. The golden era was when you would spend the whole weekends trading and playing with your white-bordered cards. For some reason there was a steady supply of italian Legends on Ă…land aswell, so I cracked some of those packs. I started a project trying to play as white-bordered as I could dur

Corona lockdown decks part one

Disclaimer: I have no idea if I'm actually gonna keep writing in this blog at all or if it's just gonna be one post. My intentions of what to do is almost always greater than what I actually end up doing. After reflecting on the three months since the last IRL tournament Viennageddon 5th March 2020 ( read about it here ) I must say lockdown has been treating me quite well. I'm in a risk group so I try to avoid people as much as possible, mostly staying at home and buying groceries once a week. Yeah sure I would have loved n00bcon on home soil meeting all the great guys I've come to love during the years (and a lot of new faces I haven't learned to know yet). I also would have loved to visit the communitour stop in the Netherlands in April (I planned to visit all the communitour stops from Viennageddon to the Mountain Madness in 2021). This experience so far has made me learn to like the little things in life and actually appreciate people more. I've taken up web