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Corona lockdown decks part five

Almost being November, it is time to post the decks from my corona adventures in September. Nothing particularly spicy here apart from playing Revised40 for the first time. Hopefully, I will get some ideas for something different but for now you will have to live with these deck pics. Any of you readers that has some ideas what I should post about?

NEOS Monthly September - 4-2 Record (71 Players Modified ATL)
This time NEOS decided to run Atlantic with gentlemen's rules (Mind Twist, Library of Alexandria and Ancestral Recall banned and Chaos Orb hits automatically). My take was that The Deck was too bad to play in this format, so it opened up for Troll Disco. I lost against The Deck and another deck, still think this list was solid for this variant of Atlantic.
ODOL September- 5-1 Record (56 Players SWE)
My trusted Fantasy Zoo I usually play once a year (at Ivory Cup), managed to win against everyone in the group except Ole who ran the group 6-0. Solid fast-paced deck, Serra Angel is …

Premodern lockdown decks part one

Usually this blog only focuses on old school magic but I still like other formats and in particular I like Premodern. I played premodern for the first time in November 2016 with one of the earlier versions of Martin Berlin's gauntlet. We only played three rounds but I was hooked. This was around the time Martin Berlin announced this format to the public and I went on a shopping spree (already owning a lot of the expensive cards from playing Legacy and Vintage). I helped kick-start the Premodern scene in Gothenburg arranging some tournaments and gatherings but somehow I stopped playing Premodern around winter-spring 2019. Now It's time for a comeback!
Premodern Monthly August - 5-1 Record (105 Players)
This deck was initially built by one of the Mad Wizards of Gothenburg Arvid and this specific list was given to me by one of my prime dealers in deck lists Svante Landgraf. Deck is solid and mulligans extremely well. This month I missed the playoffs on wildcard tiebreakers (next mo…

Building on a budget with reprints

Getting a full power 9 and dual lands with today's prices is very expensive but with the reprint policy allowed in the US and most parts of Europe you can build a deck and participate for a small amount of money. These decks allow for upgrades and adding more colors or splashes.
Back in 2012 when I started playing a fully powered Swedish legal unlimited version of The Deck could cost as much as 5000 USD and many were thrown off by the prices involved in playing. To be able to play and compete you didn't have to play The Deck one of the earlier Giant Sharks was won by an unpowered White Weenie at the legendary BSK tournament in 2013. 
I did a budget version of this deck (omitting City in a Bottle and King Suleiman) and made a Swedish legal White Weenie deck featuring 4 x Thunder Spirit, 4 x Crusade, 4 x Savannah Lions and 4 x Mishra's Factory and 3 x Armageddon. The deck cost 250 USD in total (shipping included) and all the cards were bought from StarCity Games, Cardkingdom a…

LobstercoM got a visit from The X-Files

I have never visited the United States and I had plans to do it this year, LobstercoM probably was my top choice to visit as it is on the East Coast. But as you all know the global pestilence stopped that from happening. At least we could get a sweet online tournament weekend instead. 
The tournament This has to be the best tournament poster ever. And no, there is no human teeth in this picture.
LobstercoM is a tournament founded by the New England Old School MTG and mainly organized by Dave Firth Bard. The schedule was four exhibition matches on Friday, the swiss rounds on Saturday and the top 8 and raffle drawings on Sunday. Everything is streamed with commentators, wow! this is a full weekend of entertainment for free.

Friday night was streamed by Rich Bourque with Dave Firth Bard and Mike VanDyke as commentators. It featured two matches of Atlantic between a couple of heavyweights in the format (and even some duels in best hair on stream) and apart from that a feature of the format 7/1…

Corona lockdown decks part four

August was a wild month with four leagues played so a lot of matches (27) with four different decks, if you add up my Premodern league it is 33 matches to schedule in about three weeks. At least after this post I'm up to date with all my decks and probably will keep it to once per month, a bit depending on how many leagues and one-day tournaments I participate in.
NEOS Monthly August - Top 10 (72 Players ATL)
I really had to claw through a 4-2 victory with this busted deck, since NEOS was 10 groups 10 players reached the knockout rounds. My losses in the league was a mirror match and some Lauter.dec splashing green. I prefer the white shops to the red version. Wouldn't really change anything to this list.

ODOL August - Top 8 (59 Players SWE)
I finished the group stage 5-1 only losing to a BW Deadguy Ale attacking me 7 times with a unanswered Hypnotic Scepter (that's 7 card and a lot of life loss with a Ivory Tower in play). I got destroyed in the quarter finals against a GW Eh…

Lockdown mailcalls part one

As all of my planned trips was cancelled I saved some money and sold some old old expensive unopened commander products so I had some extra cash to spend on some sweet and stupid cardboard and products.

I got myself an amateur version of an playmat just to have something when I play with all the cool old school players with their 1994 Khalsa-Brain playmats. 

Basic lands, lots of basic lands. From my earlier blog posts, you might have seen my fascination for white-bordered cards and 4th edition in particular. 4th edition is the set that really got me into Magic since I only had maybe two Revised starters. I also got some Ice Age lands for playing the ALICE format.

One of the things I collect is one of each English booster from 4th edition until today. Currently I only miss 10 boosters. The reason I am not going for the older ones is obviously the cost but also the possibility of them being scannable (I would consider buying a Revised booster from a newly opened booster box and maybe two T…