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Happy new old school year!

As seems to be a tradition on most blogs and podcasts I am doing a review of my year. It is of course a bit different than usual year but all in all this has been a great year Magic-wise for me. This year made me remember the times around 2001-2004 when I mostly stayed at home or at an Internet café playing Dark Age of Camelot. One of my skills is that I still can thrive being by myself in an apartment. A look back at 2019 By the end of 2019 I was set on traveling a lot in 2020, I missed the Reindeers Mountain Madness and was set on all the other stops for the communitour and hopefully visiting the United States for the first time. I wrote this end of December 2019 on Facebook; at that time, I had no intention of starting a blog or joining in on a podcast. 2019 was great result-wise, I managed to get my third n00bcon top 8, my second Ivory Cup top 4 and finished second place in the Scryings release draft. The only thing I was missing was being a bigger part of the world-wide community

Corona lockdown decks part seven

So... many... tournaments... and... leagues. I just passed my 200th old school match this year last weekend (and add to that Premodern, ALICE and Revised40). I really need to find something more creative and productive than just posting these deck lists. Maybe I do another "tournament report" of the Winter derby or write some nostalgic stories, who knows. NEOS Monthly November - 3-3 Record (64 Players ATL) I think I had enough with these Diamond Valley decks now, it is a frustrating archetype to play more than 1-2 times per year. I do not really know where to go with this archetype from here, but I really like the Azure Drakes (they have decent life gain, attack potential, survives bolt and can block Serendib Efreets).  Type 1.5 Autumn - 3-3 Record (58 Players Type 1.5) I was really excited to play this list for Type 1.5, I even got the FBB and Timeshifted cards. Deck was decent and quite fun to play something different (and I have been a fan of the Boyle-style Merfolk lists)

Lockdown mailcalls part three

  I have been feeling like a real shopaholic the last months, but whatever gonna continue with the cardboard crack as a mean to cope with this pandemic. Nine months since Viennageddon which was the last in real life Magic games played and I have only met non co-workers a couple of times during this nine month period.  Need some basics for this new FBB addiction. Nostalgia is very  high with these cards, back in the 90's I did not have Beta basics,  but I did have FBB basics. A extra playset, more Diamond Valley synergies and  Singleton cards. I am so impressed how fun and deep this ALICE format is, I am  having a great time exploring the card pool and trying out different deck  ideas. And the best part of it; it is very cheap. Filling out some small holes in my Premodern collection. Cannot just focus on the black-bordered stuff, still must continue with some white-bordered crap. I got balled hard in a game of Magic, and received this beautiful slightly worn Balance. The Disenchant 

Corona lockdown decks part six

Can not believe this is still going but there are more decks to play, more tournaments and leagues to finish. I must say I am getting a bit burned out playing all these leagues and from 2021 I will try to be more restrictive about leagues and hope for more one day webcam events. I also got a Playstation 5 now, so I want to be able to focus a bit more on that ;) NEOS Monthly October - 4-2 Record (78 Players Modified ATL) This month's NEOS was a modified Atlantic requiring you to have five Homelands cards in your 75, I wanted to make something Halloween-themed and came up with "Graveyard Passage to the Underworld". I even wrote a (bad) story describing it:  "The Greedy unnamed man found a Merchant Scroll during a trip to the City of Brass . The Scroll talked about a Diamond Valley deep next to an Underground Sea in the Underworld. During his research in Library of Alexandria he found out about the Headstone in a Pestilence -ridden cemetery guarding the entrance to

Lockdown mailcalls part two

It has been a month since I posted here but my content focus kind of has been on working with Säb's podcast monster of the week (please have a listen!). These are some old mail calls from August to September, but I really like sharing my mail calls since I love seeing everyone else's mail calls as well. Now I don't have much content other than mail calls and lockdown decks lined up. Bought some sweet stuff from DFB, nothing I really needed but still some fun stuff to have. Of these cards I have used one Winds of Change and the Tawnos's Coffin. Some of the other stuff is backup cards for my Ante deck. Really appreciate the stickers I use on my deck boxes. Took 7 days to get from Boston to Stockholm and then 19 days more to get to my postal office. These are some of the cards for my white-bordered fetish (the black-bordered ones are going to get the borders erased). I really like to play premodern and had to fill out some cards to enable more decks (I think I'm up to